Contract-based Heterogeneous Analysis and Systems Exploration

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Compilation and Dependencies

The framework requires the following third party software in order to be built and executed:

Operating Systems

The framework mostly relies on the C++11 Standard and should be portable to any architecture and operating system supporting it. However, due to external dependencies, CHASE is tested on:



Notes on ANTLR4

However, it should be sufficient to run the install-deps script in the main chase project directory:

$> sh

Building CHASE

$> export CHASE_COMPILER=compiler

e.g., type

$> export CHASE_COMPILER=clang++

to use Clang rather than GCC. The compilation is based on GNU Make. The Makefile is located in the main directory of the release. Use the command:

$> make

which creates two executables in the bin/ directory:

It is possible to clean the generated binary files through the command:

$> make clean

Building the API documentation

Documentation requires Doxygen. The Doxyfile is in doc/Doxyfile. The Makefile defines a target to build the API documentation:

$> make dox

It will generate HTML and LaTeX documentation in doc/apidoc.

N.B.: The use of the target clean will also delete the documentation.

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